Taking Pages from Obama’s Fund Raising Playbook: Raising Money for Ministries Through Digital Media

You may not agree with his politics, but it is hard to argue with the fact that Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign changed online fundraising forever. This workshop will dissect the strategic thinking and tactical execution of how the Obama Campaign leveraged web marketing, email marketing, streaming media, and social and mobile networking to engage constituents and move them from interest, to involvement, to investment. By the end of this session, you will walk away with an online fund-raising playbook that you can quickly put into action to turn your web properties into a dynamic donation generating machine.

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Other Resources of Interest

Also, I’ve included some links to some additional resources that were referenced in the presentation:

  1. KIMBIA– “The Greatest Innovation in Online Fundraising I’ve Found.” These easy to deploy giving widgets have helped us to achieve unprecedented conversion rates on some of our microsites and landing pages.

  2. Convio 2009 “Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study”– Lots of great metrics and insights in this report. This will help you know how you “stack up” with other nonprofits in key areas.

  3. Benjamin Zander Ted Talk– I would strongly encourage you to invest the 20 minutes it takes to view this presentation by world-renowned conductor, Benjamin Zander. This is especially inspiring for anyone that finds themselves in a position of leadership.

The Presenters

Spencer Whelan
Director, Marketing and and National Accounts

Tim Kachuriak
VP, Online Marketing
KMA Direct Communications