To All You Youth Leaders Out There

Rarely do we receive the privilege of knowing that the choices we make actually make a difference in someone else’s life. Just today, I received proof that when we respond to the call of the Lord—in even a seemingly small way—that it does not return void. Here’s an excerpt from a Facebook message I received:

Subject: Overdue Thank You

Hey Tim,
I hope this message finds you well. It has been way too long since we last spoke. I'm about to start my final semester at [College] on Monday, but being home for Christmas caused me to think about high school and the old small group. I realized that I'm not sure I ever thanked you for all of the time that you spent with us. Looking back, I am sure there were many other things that you could have been doing with your time.

So, I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated your time with us. Some of my fondest memories are from times that we spent together with that crazy bunch of guys. That group was such an encouragement to me. God truly used you in my life. Thank you for your time and your heart for the Lord. You had a great impact!

God Bless!

Here’s what I believe. Had I not been the one that responded to the call to lead this high school small group then the Lord would have called on someone else. But because I did respond, I now am receiving the blessing of knowing that I have been used by the Lord to make a difference.

Be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. Don’t ever confuse the reality that He is the one that does the work. But always remember that being used by God is a blessing and the perfect fulfillment of our very purpose for living.

What a day! God is good!


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